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Telling their story

English Cocker Spaniel with big bone

They are your best friend.

They are always there for you.

They forgive you.

They kiss you when you are sad.

They kiss you when you are happy too.

They are beside themselves to see you after you have been gone even a short while.

They chase a ball like the survival of the entire universe depended on it.

They protect you from the boogy man.

They get incredibly excited at meal times, even though the food may be that boring dry stuff.

They are reluctant to tell you when they hurt.

But they somehow accept when it is their time to leave.

And above all, they would do anything in the world to make you happy.

My goal is to give you memories of this special and spectacular relationship, to catch paradise. Our pets are not here as long as we are. And at times we just have the memories. But memories are what make us who we are. I am sitting on the couch with Rosie, my little English Cocker, beside me and I tell her about Scooter, Elvis and all the pups that came before her. She doesn’t understand because she is so much in the present. But I remember in my mind’s eye and in all the wonderful images of those pups.

I would love to take pictures of your pets and capture those wonderful memories! Rosie  says, “Yea!”


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